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Anti Static Detangler 250ml


Petway Petcare ANTI STATIC DETANGLER a naturally based cosmetic spray on anti static detangler. Can be used as a pre-wash detangler, as a combing/brushing aid when drying and as a daily grooming aid. Formulated to reduce the fibre to fibre interaction of tangled or knotted coats, manes or tails. Releases hair fibres and helps to save tangled of knotted coats, manes or tails. Enables knots and tangles to be brushes or combed out. Fragrance Free.

More Information:

For use on animals

* Naturally based

* pH balanced

* Soap free

* Fragrance free

* Free of phosphates, parabens and enzymes

* Bio-degradable

* Environmentally responsible

* Animal cruelty-free

Directions for use:

Shake well before use;

Shield animals eyes whilst spraying;

Spray thoroughly over the entire dry coat, mane or tails or any specific tangled or knotted area;

Gently comb or brush out tangles and knots;

Wash the animal with a Petway Petcare shampoo;

Spray animal again when drying and combing/brushing out;

Use as a grooming aid when combing/brushing.

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